Current Keynote Theme:

LIFE: Your Guide to Personal and Professional Success

Four inspiring motivational speeches to get you out of your rut and on the road to happiness and success. Gord's interactive, personal style engages audiences to examine their lives and develop a plan to achieve their vision.

LEAD: A Vision Shared is Success Achieved

A true leader is a visionary, someone who imagines an ideal future for themselves, their team and their family. But, as John Donne said, "No man is an island." To make your vision a reality, you need help - from your staff, higher-ups and colleagues. In this keynote presentation, Gord Gillis walks you through the steps to articulate your vision and share it with those around you to recruit them to achieve success.

INSPIRE: Create Your Team for Success

A great team reflects a great leader and accomplishes great things. But how do you build that team? Gord Gillis gets you involved in the essentials of team-building - identifying who you need, selecting the right people for the job and fostering a spirit of teamwork and collaboration.

FUTURE PRESENT: Plan for the Future, Live in the Now

Are you perpetually waiting for your life to start? Are you waiting to get a raise, lose ten pounds or find the perfect job before you can begin living the life you want? Gord Gillis brings you his perspective on how to live the live you want now and in the future. Stop waiting for your life to begin and start living it with these simple steps.

EVALUATE: A GPS Works for Cars, Not for People

There are two keys to success in life: an inspiring destination and a clear roadmap. But you can't get directions if you don't know where you're starting from. Gord Gillis shares insights from his personal and professional life that will

Gord's Bio

Gordon Gillis is a keynote speaker who has extensive experience in planning, designing, and implementing corporate strategies to create transformational shifts and culture change. He has a through knowledge of the issues facing industry, small and large business and government. He works with public, private, for profit and not for profit groups. He has strong skills in leadership, business administration and managing of human resources including excellent communication, presentation, and conflict resolution skills.

During his employment as a Facilities and Maintenance Manager of a high tech steel firm there was a workplace fatality that was the catalyst for changing his career. Following that event Gordon Gillis has devoted his career committed to helping organizations to build a positive culture of change in their organizations through training, keynote sessions and motivational events.

Gordon Gillis holds a Masters of Arts degree with an emphasis in communication and public speaking. His is a Certified Health & Safety Consultant (CHSC), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP).

A few of Gordon's more recent positions include President and CEO of one of the largest not for profit safety service providers in North America. He has served as Director of Occupational Health & Safety, Director of Training, and Occupational Safety & Health Inspector (USA and Canada).

Gordon is a co-author of the bestselling ""Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times" and has authored end several articles for industrial trade publications. He has dellivered motivational keynote addresses to various conferences and groups in North America.

Gordon's professional affiliations include Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, Board of Certified Safety Professionals, Canadian Standards Association, and Board of Certified Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.